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Our Core Values


Children should be seen as essential members of humanity. Each child should be respected for who he is, what he has and what he will become.

– Froebel, in Lilly 1967:95

Respect encompasses everything we do, for each other, the children, our diverse community and beautiful environment. Without respect we miss the opportunity for valuable connections, we all need respect to have genuine empathy, trust and to build positive relationships. Respect helps build feelings of trust, safety and well-being and ultimately a sense of belonging.


The early years setting should be closely connected with the life of home, family, culture and the local community

– Tovey 2013:2017

At Wildflowers Early Learning we value meaningful connections with children, community and the environment.

Our educators understand the value of building positive relationships with children that are  trusting, responsive, interactive, supportive and intellectually engaging.

Through meaningful connections we build strong relationships, we learn from each other and we extend on our cultural competency. This in turn embeds anti biases and develops a greater respect and understanding of diversity, and the important role that community offers.


A child thrives in a culture where imagination and creativity are valued and respected, where there is a shared sense of joy in wondering and discovering, where relationships are warm and responsive, and where both adults and children are willing to take some risks and be adventurous.

Our environments are considered and purposeful, and rich in opportunities to support the developing child whilst respecting that each child is unique and will develop at their own pace. A child who belongs is a child thriving.